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Nutritionist-Dietitian in Montreal, Juliette Casgrain holds a Bachelor’s degree from McGill University and is a member of the Professional Order of Dietitians of Québec. 

Naturally curious with an epicurean bend, Juliette thinks eating should be guilt-free and focused on the pleasures of eating. She has for philosophy that it is possible to combine satisfaction at mealtime with a balanced diet. She loves doing Crossfit and gym-based workouts as well as running, so she understands the needs (and questions!) of athletes. 

Speaker for conferences and animator for workshops, Juliette knows how to popularize complex topics to make them relatable and understandable to all. 

Empathetic, good listener and passionate, Juliette is the perfect person to help you reach your goals because she always adapts her practice to fit your needs and rhythm. She wishes that all her clients develop better eating habits and a healthy relationship with food while never compromising the joys of eating!

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