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ONLINE nutrition consultation

Dietitians - nutritionist online

Our Registered dietitians are available for Online Nutrition Consultations

We develop a nutrition care plan according to your needs and your health or performance goals. We can guaranty an appointment within 48 hours through our Online Nutritionist-Dietitian Consultation Service. 

Why consult our Online Dietitians : 

  • Ensure an appointment within 48 hours.

  • Eliminate travel : ideal for people always on the go or for people with reduced mobility.

  • Ensure high-end online support, at the forefront of technology, our nutritionists - dietitians use AI powered software to better analyse your food habits and give you the best support science can offer.

  • Because our dietitians do not need to travel to meet you such as in at home visits, you can avoid extra travel costs.

  • Our online nutrition support program was chosen by 4 different Universities for the quality of our services. Online can even be better than in person, because we can see your food choices and your refrigerator while you are at home !

As nutritionists-dietitians at EquipeNutrition.ca, we are guided by the profound satisfaction of helping you reach your objectives.

We are looking forward to hearing from you : 
Toll-Free : 1-877-260-5535
Email : contact@equipenutrition.ca



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