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Family and Pediatric Nutrition

It can be difficult to find time and ideas to offer a rich, varied and healthy nutrition for ourselves and our children, whether it be for a large family, a single parent or simply overwhelmed parents. It is, however, very important to help our children develop good eating habits to promote their growth and to avoid present or future diet-related illnesses.

As you are well aware, nothing beats fresh, complete and unprocessed foods.

How can I help my family eat well?

For the health of the whole family, cooking at home remains the best way to keep a good diet. Each plate that your child consumes must first have portions adapted to his age and that come from the four food groups that our body needs:

  • Vegetables and fruits 
  • Cereal or starchy foods 
  • Milk or substitutes 
  • Meat or substitutes 

Why choose our nutritionists?

Often, good organization is enough to get to eat well and to vary our food pleasures every day. It is possible for us create personalized food plans, but also prepare a nutritionally sound, disease prevention plan based on your family history and your child's health through our Eat Well Program.

Our nutritionists can help make your family meal time more enjoyable and help you make your children less selective at the dîner table. As childhood obesity becomes a serious problem in Quebec, we have also specialized to help reverse the trend of weight gain in children.

We are a team of registered dietitians-nutritionists members of the OPDQ - Professional Order of Dietitians of Quebec able to help you improve the health and well-being of your whole family.

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