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A unique career opportunity - TeamNutrition wants to expand its team! Nutritionist Jobs


 Nutritionist Jobs As a young dynamic company that promotes professionalism, innovation and progress, these values are reflected in our way of doing things. Moreover, the professional growth and the fulfillment of our team are some of our priorities.

If you love facing challenges, surpassing yourself in the acquisition of new knowledge and if for you, clinical nutrition rhymes with advancement and progress, ÉquipeNutrition could be your next career choice!

In a few points, joining ÉquipeNutrition is:

  • Taking advantage of an administrative structure to support nutritionists to save a lot of tasks associated with private practice on your own account, while enjoying a competitive salary on the market and a flexible schedule.
  • Accessing an important customer base built on the reputation of the company, by surrounding yourself with credible partners and offering quality services.
  • Taking advantage of free continuous training sessions every two months to stay up to date with new nutrition related knowledge, which ensures the team development by taking into consideration the needs of the team.
  • Surrounding yourself with a team of nutritionists who support and help each other on a daily basis so that together we can constantly improve our know-how. Our team spirit is reflected in virtual bimonthly discussion tables, an exchange group and great availability from everyone.
  • Having a multitude of tools developed rigorously by our team which deal with a wide range of topics and are regularly revised and renewed in order to optimize customer care.
  • Having the opportunity to diversify your work according to your individual interests and strengths by participating in mandates adjacent to private practice to face new challenges. Whether it means to write, exploit your talent as a communicator, use your culinary skills or your entrepreneurial spirit, several avenues are available to you.

Above all, it is working in pleasure and progress, surrounded by a competent and passionate team!

Want to make the jump with us? Send your resume and letter of introduction by e-mail to info@equipenutrition.ca. We cannot wait to meet you! Jobs as a nutritionist are available for: South Shore of Montreal, North Shore / Laurentians, Montreal

Contact our Nutritionists - Dietitians, it is the first step towards achieving your goals !

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