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Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto - DIETITIANS NOW AVAILABLE!


As dietitians at EquipeNutrition - TeamNutrition, we are guided by the deep desire to bring you to your health or performance goals.
As a team, we support each other in order to offer you an exceptional local dietitian service, that is personalized to you and adapted to the latest food science.

We are happy to announce our high stadards of service are now available with local dietitians in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto !

With virtual nutrition care expanding, we believe a local choosing a local dietitian is important in order to support you.
Only local dietitians truly know what foods are available to you and hence what care is best.

This local strength combined with the trust of more than 35 medical centers, has made our dietitians one of the best choices for your health.

Our dietitians are guided by our mandate: Innovation, Support, Care, and Professionalism.

Thank you for choosing EquipeNutrition - TeamNutrition to achieve your goals!
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Contact our Nutritionists - Dietitians, it is the first step towards achieving your goals !

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