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Clémence's Top 10 Festive Holiday Bites


The holiday season is upon our door!  This time of the year is often synonym with outings or receptions with friends and family. As the years go by, it sometimes becomes difficult to get inspired and renew our great classics, not to mention the lack of time! Don't panic, here are my top 10 festive bites, simple, quick and tasty recipes that will amaze your friends and family. Are you ready to put the small dishes in the big ones, for colorful and unforgettable parties?

1- Crispy chickpeas

A very nice recipe that will become a must when you are hosting. You can offer them instead of chips or peanut mix that are often very high in fat and salt.

2- Sweet potato chips

A very simple way to change regular potato chips into a healthy, tasty and out of the ordinary aperitif.


3- Cocoa banana chia mini-cakes

A great recipe that will make people happy for young and old, and even for Santa Claus! ;-) Without allergens, you will be able to spoil your family and friends without any worries.

4- Spinach Bites

It is sometimes difficult to offer vegetables as an aperitif. This recipe is a great opportunity to sublimate spinach! Quick and simple to make and ideal when you are hosting a party at home.

5- Mushrooms stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese

To change from the usual appetizers, always with the aim of offering simple and quick recipes. In addition to being suitable for vegetarians, it will please the finest gourmets!

6- Date & Serano Bites

Smokeys revisited, one of my favorite recipes that I often suggest when I receive guests. A melt-in-your-mouth bite, salty and sweet, dates are rich in fiber and make a healthier appetizer.

7- Pineapple and shrimp mini-brochette with spices flambéed in whiskey

In the same theme of the sweet-salty alliance, these mini skewers will raise in a simple but original way seafood products. Pineapple and spices will make your taste buds travel to South America.

8- Salmon tartar

Instead of serving the traditional smoked salmon slices on a plate, here's a great way to give this dish some "pep". The presentation adds a touch of luxury without breaking the bank. To turn it into a mouthful, simply use small jars and you're done!


9-Chocolate truffles

Black gold, transformed into an intense, rich and melting bite. The advantage of this recipe is that it can be prepared in advance, success guaranteed, your entourage will keep asking for more. This version is even vegan!

10 - Strawberry and Mango Charlotte in a glass jar

This sweet verrine is worthy of the greatest restaurants, in addition to being a real eye-catcher! It's a little more elaborate and copious, but this recipe is by far my top 1 bite of the holidays, and to find out why, I invite you to try it for yourself, pure delight for the taste buds! To be enjoyed while listening to your signals of satiety, of course! ;-).

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