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The new diet trend this year is: NO DIET. If you hadn’t heard this already, now you know. Diets have been around for over 100 years and it seems that today, almost everyone has been on at least one diet at some point in their lives. Why is it then, that after many years in existence, and millions of trials, errors and testimonials, no “perfect diet” has been found? Well, it just may be that, and excuse me if this sounds crazy, no perfect diet exists. If it did, everyone would do it and get the results they wanted.


The Keenoa app is a smart food journal allowing you to easily and instantly share a detailed journal of what you eat with your ÉquipeNutrition dietitian. This completely free app will make your life easier and give you a rewarding experience with your dietitian.

Here are 5 reasons why choosing a Keenoa dietitian is THE best option for you:


If you have just been diagnosed with an allergy, you may not know where to start and be a little discouraged with the diet to adopt. Being myself the mother of a poly-allergic boy, I understand the changes that entail and the emotions felt. Initially, many adjustments are needed but over time, it becomes easier and easier. Here are some tips to help you deal with this new food reality.


We all have our personal little things that simplify our life. So here are my nutritionist tips to help you eat better and produce less waste.

1- Greek yogurt is not just for snacking!

Replace half the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt in your favorite dipping or dressing recipe - you will not notice the difference and have a low-fat, high-protein dip!


In the nutrition field, it is often difficult to distinguish truths from falsehoods. In fact, there are several ways to find information in nutrition: social networks, blogs, websites, and our environment. However, these sources are not always reliable. To help us eat better, let's take up now the 5 most common misconceptions:


Eating out often results in a hearty meal with generous portions. That being said, whether a meal in the restaurant is for you occasional and synonymous with a social event or a part of your everyday life, know that it is possible to make better choices without sacrificing the pleasure of eating by following these tips.


Did you know that TeamNutrition travels to your workplace?
Using ÉquipeNutrition's nutritionists means offering an enriching, different and fun activity that will pay off for you!


We all have our own little things that make our lives easier. So here are my nutrient tips to help you eat better!

Dominique's 5 food hacks


All week long, you started your days with a bowl of plain oatmeal with fruit, you brought your own lunch to the office, and you didn't eat a single dessert, not to mention the many treats you refused at work. Arrives Friday morning and you are already looking forward to the food orgy that awaits you this weekend: tonight it will be a good pizza and soft drink, probably a bowl of chips and a few glasses of wine afterwards to be up to date with the TV shows. Saturday, we're shopping and we'll probably eat at a fast food restaurant.


For many, each year often begins in the same way. After a holiday period marked by over-consumption of alcohol and food, January begins with many resolutions: "This is MY year. The year where I will achieve all my weight and fitness goals." And then, while January may seem like a month full of physical activity and unnecessary dietary restrictions, the gyms empty in February while the plates fill up and old habits return the following year. That's enough - here are five reasons why this year should be different and how these objectives can be achieved.


Research is clear on the fact that following a vegetarian lifestyle has numerous health benefits. But what about veganism? Veganism is when someone is restraining all animal products from their diet. This includes meat, but also fish, eggs, cheese, honey and dairy products, amongst others. Here are a few pros and cons of veganism for anyone wanting more information on this lifestyle before heading into it.



In recent decades, the artificial sweetener industry has grown considerably. Going from diet coke to low sugar yogurts, it seems that all the foods we consume nowadays are available in a "diet" form. However, does the word "zero calorie" or "low in calories" mean that you can consume these artificially sweetened products as much as you want?

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